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Time Schedule for Visitors Traveling from INDIA:

  District Date Day to Reach

Opening Ceremony.. North Gujarat, Saurashtra, North-South Karnatak, North-South Andhra, Telangana, Brij

28th July 2017 Friday Jammu
2. South Gujarat, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Chhitod, North-South Tamil Nadu, Kerala, North Bihar 29th July 2017 Saturday Jammu
3. Madhya Bharat, Uttrakhand, South East, North East, Chhatisgadh, Himachal 30th July 2017 Sunday Jammu
4. Malva, Kaashi, Goraksh, East-West Utkal, Avadh, Kanpur, Jammu Kashmir 31th July 2017 Monday Jammu
5. Hariyana, West Maharashtra, Vidarbh, Devgiri, Konkan, Merut, South Bihar, Jammu Kashmir 1st August 2017 Tuesday Jammu
6. Saurashtra, Mahakaushal, Jharkhand, North-South Bengal, Jammu Kashmir 2nd August 2017 Wednesday Jammu
7. Saurashtra, Delhi, Punjab, Jammu Kashmir 3rd August 2017 Thursday Jammu
1) You will have to reach the destination on the above given date.
2) The Yatra will return on the third day. The night stay arrangments have been made in Punch and Sundarvani.


Champat Rai (Rajesh Pandey)
General Secretary V.H.P National Convenor - Bajrang Dal.

Information on Yatra:

-  Visitor are requested to bring along 2 passport sized photographs.

-  The distance to Baba Chatani Buddha Amarnath from Jammu is 290 kms.

-  The traveling time in bus is 10 hours.

-  The weather will remain cold so visitors are requested to bring along some sweater/coats/blankets.

-  Please do not bring along valuables.

-  Visitors are requested to bring along Bajrang Dal’s belt.

-  In family husband – wife – sisters may join.

-  Each visitor will have to hold the identity proof issued by Vishwa Hindu Parishad will authorized signature.

-  Visitors will be provided another identity card from Jammu.


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