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  Buddha Amarnath Yatra organized by --  Bajrang Dal 

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          The Holy Temple of Chattani Baba Buddha Amarnath is situated at 290 kms. North – West in Poonch district of Jammu in Jammu & Kashmir. The Chattani Baba Buddha Amarnath’s HIMLING SWAROOP is located 4600 feet above sea level surrounded by beautiful loren valley of gram: Rajpura in the suburbs of Mandi of Poonch District. Baba resides here in snow crystal form and thus this place is famous and known as “Baba Buddha Amarnath Chattani”. This place is located between the beautiful hills and valleys in the left of the river Pulasti. The weather is always nice and enjoyable.
          To reach the temple of Chattani Baba Buddha Amarnath the route from Jammu is via Sundarbani, Naushera, Rajouri, Bimbergali, Swarnkot, Chandak and than Poonch. There is a route from Chandak to Poonch but, it passes through jungle and lonely valleys and is affected by terrorism. Everyday the route closes and passage is not allowed from evening 4.00 pm to 7.00 am and the passage is only allowed once the military officers check the complete route and is safe to pass.  As the route is close to India – Pakistan border it is always under the threat from Pakistan. There are constant plottings and scams being planned to push away all hindus from surrounding places of Naushera, Rajoouri and Poonch.  Due  to  such constant problems in the area

the yatra to Chattani Baba Buddha Amarnath has been almost extint. Everyday there are new problems being created by the terrorists around this places. As the residents of Poonch, Rajouri and surrounding places lives under constant threats they are very much depressed and more over they are not getting and help from Indian Government. Thus the residents of these places are now looking forward to the Hindu Community of  Indian  to  support  them survive in these places and be with them to fight terrorism.


Do you know?

Our 62 districts and 218 holy shrines are under the occupancy of Pakistan and Bangladesh. And the rest of our shrines are also under threat.


Purpose and reason for the yatra

Since centuries the Chattani Baba Buddha Amarnath is worshipped as the Baba Amarnath in the “saawan mahina” and as per the belief the yatra of Baba Amarnath is incomplete without visiting Chattani Baba Buddha Amarnath. But, due to terrorism in the Poonch and surrounding area the yatra has been limited to the district and the time period has also been shortened to 2 – 3 days. It is our The Hindu Community’s responsibility to restore the Chattani Baba Buddha Amarnath’s yatra. After the India – Pakistan separation most of the area of Kashmir as well as Jammu have been illegally occupied by Pakistan and in 1962 even China occupied major part of Jammu and Kashmir. Due to all this conflicts most of the Hindus were forced to leave Jammu & Kashmir. Today only 36% of Hindu Sikh in Rajouri and 8% in Poonch are left. The yatra to Naushera, Rajouri, Poonch is also a reason to give mental support to the Hindus residing here so that they don’t have to leave this places. Have we ever thought despite we worship in these temples hundreds and thousands of them have been demolished and if there are no Hindus in these places this temples and holy places will self destruct in near future as there will be no one to take care of?


 We should not limit our beliefs to worshiping our gods and religions but, we should also be faithful towards our National Intigrity by coming forward to visit and worship such places and organize or be a part of such yatras. As like in 1996 our Military officers gave their life to preserve the Baba Amarnath Yatra. We are well aware of our history that due to our efforts, today more than lacs of citizens are now visiting the holy Baba Amarnath despite of terrorist acitivites during the yatra. In the same manner since 2006 we have taken the responsibility to provide a well managed yatra to Baba Buddha Amarnath’s holy temple and with the efforts of the local people residing in Poonch we have succedded in organizing the yatra every year. In the year 2008 due to the land despute the yatra had been halted and due to the efforts of the hindu community and after a long fight our leaders had to knee down and resume back the yatra. The same effort is once again required to restore the yatra Baba Chattani Buddha Amarnath’s shrine. So, lets join hands together and restore the yatra by supporting us.


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